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When you need someone you can trust, experience is a must. Gary has been practicing law in the Orlando area for more than 30 years. His emphasis is in litigation, particularly in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Gary J. Boynton has handled thousands of personal injury claims with the emphasis on the client to obtain the best results possible. We will devote personal attention to your specific case to make sure that your case is handled efficiently and effectively. Gary J. Boynton has represented clients, family members and friends during the course of his practice and is well experienced in the field of personal injury. In addition to experience, our law firm also prides itself on offering exceptional client services, which is why we welcome you to contact our office for a free legal consultation. During your consultation with the attorney, you can freely discuss your legal issue and ask the attorney any questions you might have. You may be wondering what to expect during your free legal consultation, so we have put together some tips below to help you

feel better prepared for when you come in for your consultation. 


What You Can Expect From Your Free Legal Consultation


Overview of the Attorney Background


One of the best advantages to a legal consultation is having the opportunity to speak directly with the attorney. This gives you

an idea of who you will be working with should you be eligible for a claim and you decide to move forward with your case. You will also have the opportunity to ask the attorney additional questions about his background, such the depth of experience he has and what types of cases he has worked on.


Discussing a Legal Strategy


Having a personal injury lawyer represent you depends on whether you have a claim. During your free legal consultation the attorney will ask questions to help determine if a legal infraction occurred and whether you have a case. If you do, the attorney will work with you to come

up with a legal plan, or the best strategy for resolving your legal issue. You may also be informed on important legal procedures, guidelines, and documents that may be necessary as part of your legal plan.


Payment Plan


A free legal consultation provides a client with the

opportunity to meet their potential lawyer, discuss the details and eligibility of their case, and determine if the attorney is a good fit for their legal issue. If you are confident about being represented by the attorney and are interested in moving forward with a case, you may also discuss a payment plan. Your payment plan will include information about any legal fees associated with your personal injury lawsuit.


If you are ready to set up a free legal consultation with attorney Gary J. Boynton, contact our law office today.

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