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Product Liability Attorney

In a society with constantly evolving technology, high-tech gadgets, and tons of innovative and creative products, it’s not uncommon to see tech companies or big box stores occasionally recall products due to a product malfunctions. Unfortunately, not all product defects have a

simple fix and boil down to simply bringing it back to the store and receiving a refund. Some defective products can actually cause severe injuries to consumers. When this happens, the manufacturers of the product may be faced with a product liability lawsuit. Product liability refers to manufacturers or sellers being held legally responsible for selling or distributing defective products to a consumer.            


Any company or manufacturer working in the consumer products industry can experience an issue of product liability, but most instances of product liability occur in the technology, electronics, automobiles, and appliances industries. Since there are various stages of a product’s chain of distribution, more than one person or party may be held responsible for the defective product reaching the consumer. 


These include:·       

The product’s original manufacturer·       

The manufacturer of any additional or component parts·       

The company or party that handles product assembly·       

The product wholesaler·       

The product retailer who sold the product to the consumer


In order for product liability to apply, the product must have its defect originate from somewhere in a product’s original chain of distribution, meaning parties that are reselling an item would not be held liable. In addition to defects originating from multiple stages of the product chain of distribution, there are also different forms of product defects. The product defects fall into three categories of product liability: 


Design Defects


These defects originate from the design of the

product before it is sent to manufacturing. An example of a design defect is an error in the blueprint for a manufactured home. 


Manufacturing Defects


These are defects that occur during the stage of the

product’s assembly or construction. An example of a manufacturing defect is a conveyor belt failing to properly assemble a product.  


Marketing Defects


These are defects in how the product is instructed to be used by the consumer. An example is a hair curling iron that comes without a warning label to avoid touching the iron when it is hot.


Regardless of the type of product defect, the damages resulted from a faulty product can be severe, ranging from skin burns, to electrocution, or death. A victim of a defective product may be left with long-term pain and symptoms, medical bills, lost wages, and other problems resulting from the injury. If you or a loved one were injured by a defective or malfunctioning product, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Attorney Gary J. Boynton is a central Florida personal attorney who has been assisting families for over 30 years. Contact the law office of Gary J. Boynton at (407)-318-7815 for a free legal consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other issues related to your personal injury.  

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