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Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicular accidents happen every single day on the roads of Florida. The turnpike and other major roads are especially prone to collisions due the greater speed and greater number of lanes. One of the unluckiest constituents of these road crashes are motorcyclist victims, who possess the least amount of protection while sustaining the most bodily injury. Interstate accidents rarely leave motorcycle riders with just a few cuts and bruises. Instead, a victim from a motorcycle accident in Florida can be left with severe injuries, paralysis, long term health complications, and even death. No one ever wants to be the victim or the perpetrator of a motorcycle accident, but these types of vehicular accidents happen every day and for various reasons. 


Motorcycle accidents commonly involve multiple parties or vehicles, such as other cars on the road, and typically one or more parties are at fault for causing the accident. Below are some of the most common causes of

motorcycle accidents: 


Left Turn Accidents


As the name suggests, these motorcycle accidents occur when an individual turns left onto oncoming traffic by failing to obey the right-of-way 




Speeding is a common catalyst in a variety of vehicular accidents. When a person is speeding, they shorten the time they have to react to unexpected changes on the road, often leading to a collision. 


Driving Under the Influence 


Occasionally motorcycle accidents can be caused by drivers who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As drinking and driving is a crime, a motorist that is charged with a DUI may be held both civilly and criminally responsible for damages they incur. 


Opened Car Doors 


This type of accident happens more commonly in areas with parallel parking. The driver opens their car door into a street lane and an oncoming motorcyclist collides with the vehicle. 


Poor Lane Changes 


Sudden changes in lanes can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists, due to their smaller size and weight. If a car changes into another lane without checking their mirrors, they may hit into a motorcycle rider in their blind spot. 


Motorcycle Defects


This type of accident occurs when a motorcycle crashes due to a defect on their motorcycle, such as faulty brakes. This type of accident also falls under product liability. 


Gary J. Boynton knows how stressful coping with a motorcycle accident can be. After an accident, certain steps need to be taken to protect your

rights and property. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident please

contact the law office of Gary J. Boynton today at (407)-318-7815 for a free case evaluation. Each year thousands of motorcyclists are injured in accidents but do not receive fair compensation. In fact, it is standard practice for insurance companies to offer low initial settlements to victims. 


At the law firm of Gary J. Boynton – we can assist in determining the value of your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. Without legal assistance, many victims are left responsible for most of the expenses resulting from a motorcycle accident, even if they were not at fault.  

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