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Medical Malpractice

During the times in life where a person suffers an injury or becomes sick, their normal response is to seek out the help of a qualified

physician or team of medical professionals to help them relieve pain and improve their condition. Every once in a while, however, a medical clinic or doctor can actually make a patient’s condition worse, causing harm or injury to the patient instead of helping them. This is known as medical malpractice. Medical Malpractice occurs when a doctor, hospital, or medical facility fails to care for a patient as required by the medical standard of care. Doctors and hospitals can fail to provide adequate care due to negligence, lack of experience, or other reasons. Most commonly, negligent patient care by a hospital or physician occurs in the initial diagnosis, during the time of the patient’s treatment, or during the patient’s follow-up health management.           


The law recognizes that an instance of medical malpractice has occurred if the claim for medical malpractice fulfills the following requirements: ·   


The medical standard of care was violated ·       

The patient endured severe injuries or damages ·       

The damage and injuries to the patient occurred as a result of negligence 


In other words, to qualify for a medical malpractice

claim, a person must be able to prove that damages occurred that would not have occurred had the medical professional treated them in accordance to the standard of medical care. There are various instances where negligent medical care can result in injuries to a patient this may include: ·    


Improper diagnosis or failure of diagnosis of the patient·       

Failure in recognizing a patient’s symptoms·       

Use of improper medications or dosages ·       

Misinterpretation of the patient’s laboratory results ·       

Negligence of the patient’s medical history or pre-existing conditions·       

Failure to provide necessary treatment to the patient in a timely manner

Unnecessary Surgery on the patient·       

Failure to order the appropriate testing·       

Errors in surgery or anesthesia·       

Negligent or inadequate patient aftercare 


Nearly all cases of medical negligence injuries are caused by a violation of the standard of care by one of the staff members. As a result, victims of medical negligence often seek compensation for

their injuries and medical bills. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit with a medical malpractice attorney may help you to recover significant compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 


Gary Boynton is central Florida personal injury lawyer that has been practicing law for more than 30 years. Our office works with medical malpractice professionals including a team of legal professionals, doctors, and nurses who assist us in thoroughly investigating your claim to determine the extent of negligence and damages suffered as a result of your injuries. A free legal consultation is the first step in discussing your options with a qualified attorney who can help you determine your eligibility for a medical malpractice case. Contact our law firm today at (407)-318-7815 for your free legal consultation.  

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